My artwork explores the lines and shapes that make up the diverse state of California. From the depths of Mariana's Trench to the tops of old growth Redwood forests, my work follows the flora and fauna of our state's timber industry and fisheries. I am inspired by watching ravens at play on old logging equipment or witnessing a pod of Blue Whales rolling at sea. I seek out these scenes in nature and develop them in a flattened form, focusing on their essential shape. I am a graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art. I studied under, and owe much thanks to Patrick Surgalski and David Middlebrook. While in school, I worked as a tree climber throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains. I found myself at the top of giant redwoods studying the world from an artist's perspective. I would reflect on the works of Richard Diebenkorn, and Alexander Calder, as I observed the horizon lines of land and ocean become lost and found in the fog. There is a Chinese Proverb, "Before you paint a tree, see how it grows." I may have taken these words too literally. Currently, I am a working artist in Felton CA. My focus is in developing works that display the subtle and dramatic scenes that I have found in my adventures. In future works I plan to focus on the relationships between how we have changed the landscape and ocean in our search of timber and fish and how these pursuits have shaped the tools we needed.



2015     Lizzy's Mermaid, ornamental steel and copper wall hanging, Capitola, CA

2015    Nautilus,  ornamental steel and copper wall hanging, Felton, CA

2015    Heritage Trees,  ornamental steel wall piece, Boulder Creek, CA

2015    Three Salmon,  ornamental steel and copper hinges, Arcata, CA

2014    Redwood and Moon, ornamental steel and copper bracket, Boulder Creek, CA

2014    Octopus Kitchen Rack, ornamental steel, copper, and bronze wall hanging, Felton, CA

2014    Portal Series (Jelly, Raven, Tree), ornamental steel, copper, and bronze wall pieces, Santa Cruz, CA

2013    Raven Archway, 3’x 6’ ornamental steel archway, Arcata, CA

2013    Osprey Gate, 5’ x 8’ ornamental steel gate, Willow Creek, CA

2013    Jellyfish in Steel, 4’x 6’ ornamental steel wall hanging, Boulder Creek, CA

2012    Salmon Gate, 6’x 12’ ornamental steel gate and fence work, Boulder Creek, CA

2012    Redwood Slab Table, 4’x 8’ table with ornamental steel insets, San Jose, CA

2011    Blue Woman, 2’x 2’ ornamental steel wall hanging, Aptos, CA


2015     Metal Debut, Casa Nostra, Ben Lomond, CA

2012    Redwood Blend, Jenna Sue’s Café, Boulder Creek, CA

2011    BS Senior Exhibition, New Squid at School, Gallery Three, College of Humanities and the Arts, San

José State University, San Jose, CA.

2009    A Collection of Paintings, Java Junction Café, Santa Cruz, CA

2009    Big Wall Paintings, Pacific Edge Climbing Gym, Santa Cruz, CA

2009 - 2011     Nautical Series II, Dominican Hospital Rehabilitation Outpatient Therapy Services,

Lymphedema Office, Santa Cruz, CA

2008 - 2009     Nautical Series, Dominican Hospital Rehabilitation Outpatient Therapy Services,

Lymphedema Office, Santa Cruz, CA


2010   Bronze and wooden sculpture, The Nature of Things, A 25 Year Work Survey In All Media Spanning

Much Of This Decade, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA (in collaboration with David Middlebrook)


2015    Montalvo Art Center Summer Art Camp Series

  • "Eco-Engineering" Tree Sculpture Class
  • Mechanical Advantage Class
  • "Spy Camp" Art Appreciation Class


  • Scientific Illustration in Bond RM. 2013. Using Distributed Temperature Sensing Fiber-optics and HeatSource Modeling to Characterize a Northern California Stream’s Thermal Regime. Masters Thesis. Humboldt State University Arcata, CA.
  • Untitled in Printmaking Calendar of 2013, 2013. San José State University, San Jose, CA
  • Printmaking Student Special Collections, Cabrillo College, Aptos CA


2012    BA in Studio Practice with emphasis in Spatial Art, San José State University, San Jose, CA

2004 – 2010    Cabrillo College, Aptos CA


2010    Visual Art Award Scholarship in Art Studio, Cabrillo College, Aptos CA

2009    Visual Art Award Scholarship in Art Studio, Cabrillo College, Aptos CA